Apple Day – across the UK 21st October, annually

Apple Day is a celebration of all things apple-related; of the many different varieties, of the folk heritage, the biodiversity and above all of the taste of apples.

Initiated by Common Ground back in 1990, Apple Day takes place each year on  21st October, with events being held across the UK on or around that date.  Because we are a small orchard, we tend to have a stall at local Apple Day events, instead of holding something on site. Look out for events near you, and near the orchard. We put as many as we can on our Facebook page. 

Also look at the list of local events, run by the East of England Apples and Orchards Project, where you can have your apples identified. Many people have an apple tree in their garden but they don’t know what variety it is. Bring along three good quality apples, and the experts should be able to tell you all about it.


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