Here you will find information on the TCOP, a community orchard in Trumpington. Cambridge UK.
The aim of the Community Orchard Project is to produce food for local people, improve biodiversity and habitat for wildlife and plants, maintain at green space within the allotment envelope and help combat climate change. Our concern was to protect this site from housing developments or the guided busway. Since acquiring the site, rubbish from many years of fly tipping has been removed and the site has been fenced in order to discourage further tipping. In Autumn 2007 bird and bat boxes were placed in the cherry thicket and on the 6th January 2008 much of the hedgrow was planted. In February 2008 the hedgerow was completed. We planted nineteen Cambridgeshire Heritage apple trees and two plums, representing the full range of heritage fruit trees for Cambridgeshire.

We encourage you to visit the Orchard.  The site has free public access, although dogs (except assistance dogs) must be kept outside. There are places to tie up your dog, and an adjacent dog loo bin.

So come along, enjoy the space and look around. If you would like to come to an event, help to maintain the site or volunteer for any activities, you will find dates and contact details here.

Welcome to the Trumpington Community Orchard.

Tree planting

Tree planting