We’ve got a lot happening on site soon, so if you can spare us an hour we would love to see you (and put you to work). We will have a double activity/work force on site on Wednesday 9 October 2013, at 9:30am, when we will start digging the hole for the telegraph pole, which will have the swift tower at the top of it! We need some help moving the soil onto a tarpaulin, plus help digging (using tools provided) . At 11am on the same morning volunteers are coming to build the herb garden raised bed using the BAMNuttall railway sleepers.  Any extra help here would be appreciated, again this is going to be barrowing weeds to the compost heap and barrowing soil into the orchard.

Look out for information on our next work day, where we will be preparing for hedgelaying.

We have had a donation of an apple crusher/juicer, so you are welcome  to come to Foster Rd Allotments on Sunday 29.9.13 between 10am and 12 midday to see how the set works and  bring your own ripe apples for juicing.

If you’ve got any queries, just drop us an email or a comment on this post.