I am not one of those people with a tidy garden. Sometimes I wish I was, but then I wouldn’t get the immense satisfaction of that moment when I have finally weeded the flower bed, mowed the lawn and put it all in the compost heap, and I look back to see – a huge difference. Visible results, as they say on the adverts.

And you can’t get more of a visible result than this. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – a big thanks to Bidwells staff for their hard work. This team was:Gerald Collins, Kam Jaman, Kevin Fentiman, Alistair Dunsdon, Rob Smart, Howard de Souza, Gareth Willmer, Ben Hayek, Bridget Johnson and Lynne White. Heroes all!

Bidwells 1.8.14Give Gerald a chainsaw and what a difference a few hours can makeBidwells - Mission accomplished but exhausted and very HOT