Alright I know there’s Christmas first, (oh and Thanksgiving for our friends in the States) and they are both fun times, with plenty of opportunities to eat apples. BUT after all the festivities are done, and the cold grey days of January seem to have little to offer, there’s our Wassail. It’s a little later than Old Twelfth Night, for various reasons, but that gives us more time to plan and prepare and practice the Wassailing song.
If you’re wondering what a Wassail is, and how you do it, it’s best described as a celebration of apple trees and a chance to give them a traditional blessing and encourage them to fruit well in 2017. If that sounds a bit earnest, let me tell you that previous years have involved a wheelbarrow orchestra, folk musicians dressed in traditional ‘rags’, participants dressed in greenery and one as a penguin, some circle dancing and very loud and enthusiastic singing.
Put the date in your diary now, and look here and on our Facebook page for further updates.wassail-2017