As I write this it’s the Winter Solstice, and thick fog outside. No wonder that winter festivals of light, dancing and music are so popular, and so much a part of rural life in the past. So shake off the gloom and look forward to Wassail 2018! Each year we like to do something a bit different, so for our Tenth Wassail (I know, I can’t believe that but it’s true, this will be the tenth one)…anyway, we are very pleased to be hosting a demonstration of green woodworking skills.
Come along to the Orchard from 12:30 – 2:00pm for the woodworking, with music and Wassail traditions afterwards from 2:30pm.
Special thanks to Nigel Pennick’s Rabble Rousing Wassail Band for providing the music to scare bad spirits out of the apple trees. If you’d like to bring anything to make a noise with, that would be great. Dress up if you want, and in any case wrap up warm. Hot mulled apple juice and various apple bakes will be served to keep out the cold

The event is free but donations are appreciated. Please park with consideration for the residents.