We were delighted to show a group of walkers around the orchard and even more delighted when they showed us what they had found while exploring. Trumpington Orchard is looked after to benefit as many types of animals, insects and wild flora as possible, and it’s great to have some proof of all our hard work.

More information on these fabulous finds are linked to the titles. Warning – these images include a spider. We like spiders, but we recognise not everyone is keen on seeing one unexpectedly.

Photos taken by Paul Rule.

Goodens Nomad Beehttps://www.bumblebeeconservation.org/goodens-nomad-bee/#:~:text=Gooden’s%20Nomad%20bee%20(Nomada%20goodeniana)%20is%20one%20of%20the%20largest,lay%20their%20own%20eggs%20inside.
Flavous Nomad bee (probably)https://www.gedlingconservationtrust.org/species/apocrita-aculeata/flavous-nomad-bee/
Common Cornsaladhttps://www.ukwildflowers.com/Web_pages/valerianella_locusta_common_cornsalad.htm
Cricket Bat Spiderhttps://www.uksafari.com/cricket_bat_spiders.htm
Woundwort Shieldbughttps://www.britishbugs.org.uk/heteroptera/Pentatomidae/eysarcoris_venustissimus.html