Last week I thought that I really should remind Essex University what I was doing, as Apple Day was approaching, so I did, and we came up with an approach to the local media. Cambridge News took up the story, and I hope to be interviewed by BBC Radio Essex next Tuesday evening as well. Apples as drive-time phone-in conversation, I love it!
Yesterday was the first of a series of academic talks, to the Gender and History Workshop at Cambridge University. At the end of the month I am talking to Tadlow Gardening Society. I’m going to need a limo and an agent and big pair of sunglasses soon…
Joking aside I am so glad that there is such interest in all things apple related, and long may it last. And if anyone wants to book me for a talk, as they say in Hollywood ‘have your people talk to my people’ Or in other words, send an email!
Apple History Student in Local Paper