Last week Gardener’s Question Time, or #GQT as we fans call it, came to Murray Edwards College, in the University of Cambridge. Murray Edwards has beautiful gardens, taking advantage of its sheltered spot to favour a sub-tropical theme. And, horror of horrors, students and staff are allowed to walk and sit on the grass, an act of sacriledge in most other colleges.
Two founder members of Trumpington Community Orchard were the excited guests of Jo Cobb, Head Gardener at the College. We had both come armed with questions and one was the first to be chosen! Before the nervous moment of reading out a question to the elite team of Chris Beadshaw, Christine Walkden and Bob Flowerdew, the Chairman Eric Robson put us all at ease with gentle banter, and encouraged us to laugh at the panel’s jokes. As I said to him after the recording, have I really been listening to him for twenty years? We agreed that he’s made a good start and if he keeps at it, he might make something of a go of it…
So, the question –  We asked about the apple trees that will be grown across Cambridge by the Cambridge Community Collection art project – what rootstock will be best for the variable conditions these new trees will encounter, and what other support might they need? This set the wise heads of the panel thinking. They gave a very full answer, and some suggestions. In order to find out what they thought, you’ll have to listen to the broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Friday 31st October at 3pm, or Sunday 2 November at 2pm. Insider’s tip – they may change the order of the questions when they edit the programme!