Wassailing is a celebration of our orchard and its trees. It’s a way of thanking them with libations of apple juice, and of scaring away any bad influences with music and dancing. We also ‘toast’ the trees by hanging toast, dipped in apple juice, from the branches. Centuries ago the wassailing included firing shotguns and lighting bonfires, but we are not going to do either of those things, so we are relying on you to make the noise and bring some torchlight.

Come along to the orchard at 2pm on SUNDAY 15 JANUARY 2023 to help us wassail our trees. This is a free event, but we rely on donations to keep the orchard functioning. Dress for the weather; it can be a little muddy underfoot. Children are very welcome, but remember there are no facilities, such as toilets, on the site. And finally please park considerately in this residential area.

We look forward to wishing you a hearty ‘Was Hael!’